The GRid-Interactive Frameworks For Intelligent iNfrastructure (GRIFFIN) lab is led by Professor Kyri Baker of the Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). Our research topics include:

- Power systems operation, control, and planning
- Renewable energy integration
- Building-to-grid interactions
- Machine learning for buildings and the power grid
- Water-Energy Nexus studies
- Developing stochastic and distributed optimization techniques with energy applications
- Energy sustainability and resiliency, on Earth and beyond

News and Events

10/2021 The CU Boulder-led team Electric Stampede, in collaboration with UT Austin, placed 5th overall (and 1st in terms of university-led teams) in the ARPA-E Grid Optimization (GO) Competition Challenge 2 and will receive $140,000 in prize money. [Press Release]

9/2021 CU Boulder and CCNY received a $1.5M grant from the National Science Foundation ($3M with industry matching funds) to start the Building Energy Smart Technologies (BEST) Center. Read more here!

9/2021 Dr. Baker gave an invited seminar at Carnegie Mellon University.

9/2021 Congratulations to postdoc Constance Crozier for winning one of two university wide Outstanding Postdoc awards!

8/2021 The 'Research' page of this website has been updated to include links to open-sourced code corresponding to papers where available.

8/2021 We received a $25k grant from the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute to study equitable demand response.

7/2021 Congrats to PhD student Amy Allen and MS student Nick Shenberger for their successful defenses!

6/2021 Led by UT Austin, our paper on the 2021 winter blackout in Texas was published in Energy Research & Social Science.

5/2021 Two papers are accepted into ACM e-Energy, one of which received runner-up for best paper.

5/2021 Dr. Baker received the CEAE Department Early Career Researcher award. Thank you!

4/2021 Dr. Baker gave an invited seminar for the MIT enOPTIMAL series on learning for power systems problems.

4/2021 MS students Jes Stershic and Sarah Dafoe successfully defended their Masters theses!

4/2021 Congratulations to PhD student Sung Min Kim for receiving the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

3/2021 Our paper, "Screening Tool for Dam Hazard Potential Classification Using Machine Learning and Multi-Objective Hyperparameter Tuning," was accepted into the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management.

2/2021 Jacob, Constance, and Aisling got papers accepted into the 2021 IEEE PES General Meeting. Jim got his paper accepted into the 2021 IEEE PowerTech conference, and Sung Min got her paper accepted into the 2021 NAPS conference. Congrats everyone!

2/2021 Dr. Baker gave a presentation to the Energy Systems Catapult on "Using Data to Improve the Reliability and Speed of Power Grid Operations."

2/2021 Dr. Baker received the NSF CAREER Award!

1/2021 Dr. Baker presented our work on "Emulating AC OPF solvers for Obtaining Sub-second Feasible, Near-Optimal Solutions" at the 2021 Grid Science Winter School and Conference.

12/2020 We received a seed grant to study electric vehicle impacts on infrastructure through the RISE: Resilient Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity interdisciplinary research theme at CU Boulder.

12/2020 Dr. Baker moderated a panel on COVID-19 and the power grid, co-hosted by Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) and Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory.

12/2020 Our paper, "Sensitivity Analysis of Photovoltaic System Design Parameters to Passively Mitigate Ramp Rates," was accepted into the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics.

12/2020 In collaboration with NREL, our paper, "Learning-Accelerated ADMM for Distributed DC Optimal Power Flow," was accepted into IEEE Control Systems Letters.

11/2020 Dr. Baker was a panelist and presented for the Climate Change AI and the Energy Innovation Network on "Optimizing Large- Scale Grids in Real-Time with ML."

11/2020 Dr. Baker gave a virtual seminar at Newcastle University entitled "From Transmission to Thermostat: Integrated Building/Grid Operations."

10/2020 PhD student Kaitlyn Garifi successfully passed her PhD defense. Congrats, Dr. Garifi!

10/2020 In collaboration with ETH Zurich, our journal paper, "Consumer privacy protection using flexible thermal loads: Theoretical limits and practical considerations", was accepted was accepted for publication in in Applied Energy.

10/2020 Dr. Baker was a guest on and presented for The Institute of Science and Policy and Denver Museum of Nature and Science's webinar on "The Future of Energy: Grid Innovations."

9/2020 Our patent, "Network-cognizant voltage droop control," was issued on Sept. 22 with the U.S. Patent Office, receiving U.S. Patent No. 10,784,682 B2.

9/2020 Dr. Baker is a Guest Editor for the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, special issue on "Power Systems with Increasing Renewable Penetration: Market, Operations, Planning and Regulation." Consider submitting!

8/2020 Dr. Baker gave a talk on "Learning-Boosted Optimal Power Flow" at the Workshop on Autonomous Energy Systems at NREL (virtually).

7/2020 Our journal paper, "Assessments of Data Centers for Provision of Frequency Regulation," was accepted for publication in in Applied Energy.

7/2020 Dr. Baker gave a keynote speech titled "The Future of ML for Smart Energy Systems" at the International Virtual Conference on AI and ML Applications in Smart Buildings.

7/2020 In collaboration with the University of Texas at Dallas, our two-part journal paper, "Data-based distributionally robust stochastic optimal power flow," was awarded the best paper award for IEEE Transactions on Power Systems for papers published between 2017-2019, one of only seven papers to receive the honor. [Announcement]

6/2020 Dr. Baker is now a Fellow of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI).

6/2020 Our journal paper, "Evaluation of Low-Exergy Heating and Cooling Systems and Topology Optimization for Deep Energy Savings at the Urban District Level" was accepted for publication in Energy Conversion and Management.

5/2020 Dr. Baker gave a seminar on how COVID-19 is affecting the electric power grid. [Video]

5/2020 Dr. Baker is now an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid and IEEE Power Engineering Letters.

5/2020 In collaboration with Delft University of Technology, our journal paper, "A Coordination Mechanism for Reducing Price Spikes in Distribution Grids", was accepted for publication in Energies.

4/2020 Dr. Baker received the AREN Faculty Appreciation Award, voted on by undergraduates. Thank you!

4/2020 Our journal paper, "Convex Relaxation of Grid-Connected Energy Storage System Models with Complementarity Constraints in DC OPF," was accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid!

3/2020 Dr. Baker is a Guest Editor for a special issue "Special Issue "Building-to-Grid Integration through Intelligent Optimization and Control" in the journal Energies.

2/2020 Our ARPA-E Grid Optimization Competition team, Tartan Buffs, led by Dr. Baker, scored in the top ten in all categories with an award of $400,000! [Update: This position has been filled.] [ Press Release by the US Secretary of Energy] [CU Article]

2/2020 Our proposal "Optimal Co-Design of Integrated Thermal-Electrical Networks and Control Systems for Grid-interactive Efficient District (GED) Energy Systems" was funded for $4.16M to CU Boulder, led by Wangda Zuo. [Update: This position has been filled.] [Press Release]

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Photos and Articles

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Social distancing in front of solar panels (2021)

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CU's first class on building-to-grid interactions (2019)

CU at the AEI Conference (2019)

Some of our team at NREL (2018)

Award-winning NASA BIG Idea Challenge team (2018)

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Conference (2018)